Daniel Ellard:

Research and Projects

SOS: Self-Organizing Storage

Storage systems are increasingly dependent on "one-size-fits-all" algorithms and techniques. My analysis of contemporary file system traces (and the work done elsewhere in analyzing different traces) shows that even as the software landscape seems to become more homogeneous, server workloads are increasingly diverse. The goal of the SOS project is to address this problem via the development of storage systems that tune themselves to their workloads with little or no human intervention.

The SOS project is the foundation of my thesis research.


Ant-8 and Ant-32 are microprocessor architectures designed specifically for teaching. It is used by several courses at Harvard and has been adopted by several other colleges.

DISP: The Distributed Information Storage Protocol

DISP is a fault-tolerant distributed storage protocol that trades complete view consistency for fault tolerance, security and efficiency. DISP is based on the INDIA protocol.

Daniel Ellard: ellard at eecs.harvard.edu