S-Q Paper Topics

This document gives some example paper topics. These are by no means the only permissible paper topics, and in fact many topics that bear little resemblance to these are permissible. The main criteria for choosing a paper topic is that it is interesting to you, and you will learn something from exploring it, and it can be related to study of data structures and algorithms.

Research Papers

Research projects are research-oriented. The goal is to research the current descriptions of some interesting technique or algorithm and then describe it in a manner that is more clear and understandable than the current explainations. Many good algorithms are veiled by obscure, unclear, incomplete, or hard-to-follow explanations.

Implementation Papers

Implementation projects involve writing a piece of code to implement an algorithm and/or explore the properties of that algorithm. It is not enough to simply write code, however-- the purpose of the code must be to answer a question.