Dan Ellard's Project Interests

If you think that you're interested in any of these topics but aren't sure what in the world I'm talking about, send me email and I'll try to clarify.
Fun with ANT

The ANT architecture is a potential goldmine of project ideas. Topics include:

UNIX System Programming

If you want to write something like a shell (or to a lesser extent, something involving networking) you'll need to learn something about UNIX system calls and related libraries.

Topics include:

Languages and their Interpretation

If you want to write an interpreter (or compiler, if you feel ambitious) for some language (such as BASIC or some language you invent yourself), you'll find it very useful to explore this area.

Topics include:

Fun with Data Structures and Algorithms

This is the good stuff! Some of these topics are related many possible final projects; the last few would be excellent final projects all by themselves.

Topics include:

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