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Work and Research

My current work is focused on:

I am currently a Senior Scientist in the Network-Centric Technology group (formerly known as the Internetwork Research Department) at Raytheon BBN Technologies. I am the principle investigator for Curveball, a system to defeat internet blocking and monitoring. Previously I was a team leader for the auto-configuration team of the DARPA MNP program, which was later moved to the DHS Cyber Security Division and renamed SNAP. Prior to that, I was the core team leader for the SPINDLE3 team of the DARPA Disruption-Tolerant Networking program.

Before joining BBN, I worked for The Advanced Technology Group (ATG) at NetApp in Waltham, MA, designing protocols for a distributed, global-scale federated file systems and investigating new storage architectures to leverage the properties of flash memory to create systems with unparalled price/performance (and performance/watt) ratios

I also worked for Sun Labs at Sun in Burlington, Massachusetts, designing and prototyping distributed systems and large, fault tolerant data storage systems including Neuromancer and Project DarkStar.

I was a member of the Systems Research at Harvard (SyRaH) group of the Harvard University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, from which I graduated with a Ph.D. in June 2004. My thesis advisor was Margo Seltzer and the other members of my thesis committee were Matt Welsh, Jim Waldo, and Michael Rabin.

Prior to attending graduate school, I worked for BBN Laboratories and HARK, doing research and development in real-time speech recognition, logistics, underwater acoustics, distributed computing, and whatever else needed doing.

Other Stuff

I've written a book of humorous essays that has been highly rated and glowingly reviewed by both my friends and family. You can find it on Amazon.

I am a member of Rotary, and have served as club president, treasurer, membership chair, foundation chair, webmaster, and director. (It's a small club.) I enjoy gardening and regularly post photos of the flowers (and occasional fauna) in my yard on itzat, the greatest photo-sharing site you've never heard of.


and now.

Daniel Ellard: dan at ellard org (with a dot in the usual place)